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Propspeed Etching Primer bonds tenaciously to non-ferrous metals like aluminum, brass, and bronze. For maximum adhesion, pre-treat metal with Propprep metal conditioner before applying Etching Primer. Includes Primer Base & Hardener only.

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Propspeed Etching Primer is used as a pre-treatment primer on non-ferrous metals such as bronze and aluminium, as well as zinc and galvanized iron. It may also be used as pre-treatment primer on blast-cleaned steel plates.
When applied properly, the Propspeed system has excellent adhesion to keep underwater metal components clean and corrosion-free for up to 2 years. It’s also safe for marine life because its silicone-based formula contains no biocides.

Mixing Tip: Propspeed Paint Mixing Wheels (sold separately) ensure thorough and easy mixing of the Propspeed Etching Primer Base and Hardener components prior to application. Be sure to stir thoroughly to remove all the solids at the bottom of the Etching Primer Base container before adding in the Etching Primer Hardener and mixing completely. Mixing thoroughly prevents inconsistencies and premature hardening, while increasing the longevity of the final Propspeed coating system.

IMPORTANT: Proper timing of the application for each component in the Propspeed system is critical for maximum adhesion, efficacy, and longevity of the cured Propspeed coating. For best results, read all instructions and watch the videos before applying. It’s also recommended to have a second person to help.

Propspeed Foul Release Coating System Features

  • Improves performance and fuel economy.
  • Reduces drag and increases speed.
  • Green alternative to toxic antifouling products; won’t harm marine life.
  • In drive, easily releases any fouling that may have accumulated on running gear while stationary.
  • Eliminates cavitation and vibration, for a smooth, fast ride.
  • Includes instructions for easy, effective application.
  • Available in DIY and Professional Kits.
  • Kits include easy-to-follow instructions.
  • Important! Install all zincs before applying Propspeed.

    Propspeed Application: 5 Easy Steps

  • Prepare the metal surface: Sand to an 80-grit profile or use Propstrip (sold separately) to remove old coatings.
  • Initial cleaning: Use Propclean Wipes to remove grease and other surface contaminants.
  • Metal conditioning: Apply Propprep solution liberally by rag or wipes, working over small areas at a time. Do not allow to dry out. Remove by wiping off thoroughly with a clean rag.
  • Apply Etching Primer (2 coats): Mix 2-part etching primer base and hardener in a 4:1 ratio. Apply 1st coat with a brush or foam roller.
  • Apply clear coat (1 coat): Apply Clear Coat topcoat by brush (do not use a foam roller) when the final coat of etching primer is dry to touch. This should be about at 80°F & 85% RH.

    Technical SpecificationsPropspeed Etching Primer
    Application Temperature40°F to approximately 95°F (max. humidity 85%)
    Application MethodBrush, roller, or airless spray
    ColorBase – yellow; Hardener – clear
    Mix Ratio4:1 (4 parts Etching Primer base to 1 part Etching Primer Hardener
    Recommneded Number of Coats2
    Dry Time Between Coats of Etching PrimerDry to touch (varies by temperature, for example, 3-5 minutes @ 80°F)
    Dry Time to Overcoat with Clear CoatDry to touch (varies by temperature, for example, 3-5 minutes @ 80°F)
    Pot Life8 hours at 68 degrees (20°C)
    Theoretical CoverageApproximately 489 sq. ft. per gallon (12 m2/L)

    Be sure that you read and understand the information in the SDS and TDS documents for each of the products in the Propspeed sytem before starting the application process.

    Etching Primer: Contains solvents. Do not expose containers to open flame or high temperature heating equipment. It is recommended that a barrier cream or gloves be used for hands, and that when spraying, eye protection or proper face mask (respirator) be worn. See SDS for further safety information

    Below Water Line (yes/no):Yes
    Number Of Parts:Two Part
    Type:Metal Primer

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