Automative Ip65 Charger 6V/12V-1,1A

Victory Energy

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DC connector

Depending on the application, clamps, eyelets or a cigarette plug (all included) can be connected to the charger.

Charges 6V and 12V batteries

The charger will automatically adapt its charge algorithm to 6V or 12V batteries

Protected against overheating and reverse polarity connection

The output current will reduce as temperature increases up to 40°C, but the charger will not fail. Output relay protects against reverse polarity connection.

EightLED’s for status and mode indication

When connected to the AC supply the STAND-BY LED will turn on. No voltage will be present at the output. After connection to a battery (battery voltage must exceed 2V in case of a 6V battery and 7V in case of a 12V battery), charging is initiated by pressing the MODE button. The state of charge of the battery is indicated by 4 LED’s:

  1. Red LED marked 25% flashing: state of charge less than 25%.
  2. Red LED marked 25% on, and red LED marked 50% flashing: state of charge less than 50%.
  3. Red LED’s on, and yellow LED marked 75% flashing: state of charge less than 75%.
  4. Red and yellow LED’s on and green LED marked 100% flashing: battery nearly charged.
  5. All charge level LED’s solid on: battery fully charged. Flooded, AGM or GEL batteries. Ambient temperature below 10°C, or batteries requiring a higher charge voltage (OPTIMA spiral cell batteries for example).

Until the battery is fully charged, the red LED CHARGE will be on.

After completion of the charge process, the red LED FULL will be on.

In case of reverse polarity connection, the red LED ! will be on

If the red LED STANDBY remains on, even after pressing the MODE button, the connection to the battery is interrupted.

The charger always starts in STANDBY mode when connected to the AC supply.

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