Sonihull Mono Ultrasonic Anti-Fouling System


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The Sonihull Mono is a ultrasonic antifouling system for yachts up to 32 feet in length.

  • Each transducer is powered by a dedicated signal generator, offering a continual signal to all transducers.
  • Transducers and their cable connections are rated for submerged operations.
  • Transducers have no exposed metal.
  • AC/DC power option defaulting to AC.
  • Automatic shut off in Low Voltage DC power situation to protect batteries.
  • Remote system status monitor.
  • Manufactured “In House” for the best possible quality control.
  • Virtually undetectable to the human ear with no need for a “sleep switch”.
    Sonihull Ulstrasonic Antifouling System offers superior performance and reliability with a combination of features not offered by any competitor. This environmentally friendly system does not introduce metals or chemicals to the environment. You’ll encounter less frequent haul outs and cleaning thus making this system very cost effective. Increase efficiency by saving fuel when motoring and faster speeds when sailing. Easy installation with no hull penetration required. Automatic voltage selection between AC and DC, defaults to AC when short power connected.

    Protect your hulls, sea chests, pipework, propeller shafts, stern drives, water jets, rudders and trim tabs from fouling.

    Works great on GRP, composite, aluminum, steel, carbon or kevlar.
    Saves Money
    A clean hull and drivetrain can reduce fuel bills by 20% – 30%! Reduces maintenance costs and expensive haul outs.
    Better Performance
    Reduces drag and vibration thus increasing performance.
    Tests have demonstrated that electronic antifouling products have no adverse effect to fish and marine mammals. The ultrasonic frequencies stay very close to the hull structure and it is demonstrable that the signal does not stray into open water.

    Technical Specifications
    Power Supply ApprovalsUL and CE
    Voltage100 – 240v AC 50/60Hz, 12-24v DC
    Pulse Frequency19.5 – 55kHz
    Control Box RatingIP65
    Transducer RatingIP68
    Transducer Cable Length18 feet
    Weight9 lbs.
    Dimensions7″ x 5″ x 3″
    Warranty2 years

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