Tecma Toilet Control Panel


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You are in control, to perfect match the control panel with the bathroom style. The All-in-one control panel has a controller directly integrated in the wall interface with the option of automatic bowl refill (single button) or the common double function before/after use.

All control panels have a tank monitoring led and water amount trim. All control panels are available in two versions:

1 button / After use:

The mooring mode.
After every flush the toilet bowl is automatically refilled with a certain quantity of water, ready for next use.
Tank level monitoring led and water amount trim.
Thetford Marine offers a complete portfolio with different series, multiple options and budget implications.

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Weight25,5 kg/ 56,2 lbWeight16 kg/ 35,3 lb
Water Usage0,5-2,7 L/ 0,1-0,7 gal per flush
Outlet Pump (waste water)
MAC 11 outlet pump macerator turbine12V dc24V dc110-125V ac
60 Hz
220-240V ac
50 Hz or 60 Hz
Fuse recommended40 A30 A8 A5 A
Pump performanceMax 270 l/min 71.3gm
Max vertical head 11mt 36.1ft
Max horizontal distance 90 mt 295.3ft
Outlet Duck Bill valve (male)1,5″ / required ID 1,5″ (38,5mm)
Inlet device (clean water)
Centralized system12V dc24V dc110-125V
ac 60 Hz
220-240V ac
50 Hz or 60 Hz
Power consumption9.5 W10 W6 W6 W
Working pressure recommended3 bar3 bar3 bar3 bar
Solenoid Inlet  & Outlet (threaded female)1/2″
Toilet inlet hose fitting (barbed)1/2″

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