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The Silence Plus 2G is the ‘big bowl’ model of the Flexi-Line, and forms the foundation for the Flexi Line. With the same features, the new design and the new 2nd Generation System Improvements, the Silence Plus 2G is supremely effective and comfortable. The length of 51 cm / 20.1 inches creates the at-home seating feeling.

This next generation of the Silence Plus 2G offers a matching bidet to have the perfect pairing in the bathroom, the Bidet Silence Plus 2G.

Flexi 1G produced up to 2016. The former models will remain available, upon request, for replacement. Spares will also remain available for the coming 10 years.

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Weight25,5 kg/ 56,2 lbWeight16 kg/ 35,3 lb
Water Usage0,5-2,7 L/ 0,1-0,7 gal per flush
Outlet Pump (waste water)
MAC 11 outlet pump macerator turbine12V dc24V dc110-125V ac
60 Hz
220-240V ac
50 Hz or 60 Hz
Fuse recommended40 A30 A8 A5 A
Pump performanceMax 270 l/min 71.3gm
Max vertical head 11mt 36.1ft
Max horizontal distance 90 mt 295.3ft
Outlet Duck Bill valve (male)1,5″ / required ID 1,5″ (38,5mm)
Inlet device (clean water)
Centralized system12V dc24V dc110-125V
ac 60 Hz
220-240V ac
50 Hz or 60 Hz
Power consumption9.5 W10 W6 W6 W
Working pressure recommended3 bar3 bar3 bar3 bar
Solenoid Inlet  & Outlet (threaded female)1/2″
Toilet inlet hose fitting (barbed)1/2″

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