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Star brite Ultimate Aluminum Polish maintains the beauty of new and restored aluminum and is ideal for all unpainted aluminum surfaces.


  • Formulated to preserve the finish of aluminum pontoon boats, canoes and jon boat
  • PTEF® polymers provide UV protection and help repel dirt and stains
  • Use after Aluminum Cleaner/Restorer to enhance the look of older boats
    Clean thoroughly as directed and allow the cleaned surface to dry. Star brite Aluminum Polish will neutralize any remaining acids and seal the aluminum with a protective coating and a more uniform shine.

    Step 1.
    Shake the bottle well. Apply evenly with a clean, dry cloth working in small areas in a circular, overlapping motion to ensure uniform coverage. Rub it in well; the polish works while wet, so reapply to the cloth as needed. Star brite Aluminum Polish may be applied by hand or with a buffer.

    Discoloration on the cloth indicates oxidation is being removed. Replace the cloth as often as needed to avoid rubbing oxidation back onto the clean surface.

    Step 2.
    Once the polish dries to a haze, buff the treated area with a clean, soft, dry cloth. Replace the cloth as needed.
    Chalky, oxidized surfaces may require repeat applications.

    Apply Star brite Ultimate Aluminum Polish annually to reduce oxidation build-up for a lasting shine with minimal effort.

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